History of Ardyss International

Ardyss emerged in 1991 as a Mexican Manufacturing Company with a new concept for corsetry, designed for reshaping the female figure. This concept was the idea of Mr. Antonio Diaz de Leon.

There were difficult times, but through the dedication, enthusiasm and creativity of both Antonio and Armida Diaz de Leon, they were able to develop a series of exclusive garment designs with the support of a team of engineers, doctors, cosmetologists, and nutritionists. They managed to develop and patent these useful and necessary garments with the highest quality standards and with medical and engineering principles.

Like many big companies, the creation of Ardyss came about in a fortuitous manner.

Having completed his work for the Reynosa Tamps. Customs Administration, Mr. Antonio Diaz de Leon opened his offices in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1990. Antonio had the idea of acquiring the exclusive representation of several companies, but they shut the doors on him and denied him representation as soon as they found out that he was a former government employee. Many would have given up, but Antonio persevered.

Antonio Diaz de Leon of ArdyssThat same year, Antonio was taking a driving trip from Guadalajara to Mexico City in search of representation. He was not aware of an event that was about to change his destiny and make him forget about the representations he was looking for. During the journey he gave a ride to five rural teachers. After picking them up he asked them if they were embarrassed having to hitch hike and one of them immediately responded: “Yes sir, but it costs us $12.00 to go work and $12.00 to return home. That’s $120.00 per week and $480.00 per month. We earn $550.00.

In an effort to continue the conversation, Antonio asked them, “Do you do anything else to generate income?” One of them answered, “Yes sir, a neighbor lends me a pamphlet to sell cosmetics and I make the sales by showing the pamphlet.” Suddenly, that comment reminded Antonio of the time he was studying at the university. He had seen the birth of that industry in Mexico. As it frequently occurs with visionaries, his mind begans to imagine the possibilities.

This is when the initial concept of Antonio’s industry began. When he arrived in Mexico City, the first thing Antonio did was to go visit the cosmetic company. He interviewed with them to find out how they operated. When he left the cosmetic company he set himself a goal. “I will make my industry the strongest one!” said Antonio. After analyzing the possibilities, he determined that initially it would be easier to sell undergarments than cosmetics.

Ardyss recognizes the importance of doing things right and we are in constant search of excellence in the quality of our products and in dealing with everyone involved in our industry.

At Ardyss we are convinced that “WE CAN BE WHAT WE BELIEVE WE CAN BE.”

Each one of us can improve their surroundings by being an enthusiastic and creative person who can help shape the world and make it a better place to live. In the process we will be creating our own destiny.

Having made the decision, Antonio begins to work. He places an ad in the newspaper looking Ardyss Logofor a person who would be his manager. When he interviews a candidate, she says, “Sir, why don’t you manufacture this brassiere?” Antonio asked “ What does that brassiere do?” She immediately responds, “It does everything, seriously, it does everything. It makes the breast larger, and it can make them smaller. It makes the breast firm and it corrects the size of them if they are uneven. It does marvels.”

In that moment he is convinced about the benefits of the undergarment and through an assembly manufacturer; on October 8, 1990; Antonio began to produce the Ardyss Professional Reshaping/Sculpting brassiere. Antonio, along with his wife and their two sons began working. “My wife did everything. My wife counted. My wife filled supplies. My wife did everything. In addition, my sons were the ones packing.” , says Antonio with great satisfaction and pride.

However, nothing is easy at the beginning. On November 10, 1991, Antonio’s assembler stopped manufacturing because he decided to go work for a competitor of Ardyss in whom he saw a greater potential. This situation was a determining factor for the future of Ardyss. That was the moment when Antonio Diaz de Leon decided not to depend on anyone else to continue with his plan. Without any experience, only a great desire to learn, he decided to rent an industrial warehouse of 300 square meters in the street of Sabadell, in the metropolitan area of Mexico City. He begins with 8 sewing machines and 500 meters of material. That is where Ardyss begins as a manufacturer and as a commercial company on December 7, 1991.

Through the years, the process of research and development of products has been optimized. Currently we have a team of full time professionals dedicated to maintaining an ongoing program to create new designs and to submit our present line products to a continuous improvement program. Our main objective is to offer our clients a greater quality and confidence. This guarantee of attention, care and productivity is what makes the Ardyss name synonymous with Excellence.

Today, our combined efforts allow us to seek consolidation with other markets. In addition to Mexico, we have distributors in the U.S., Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Spain, Panama and Portugal.

Ardyss has a strong corporate structure and an exceptional plan of compensation with one of the best computer systems and an excellent training program. All of this has been designed to help you develop your own business. With our support and your effort and dedication, you can make your dreams and aspirations a reality. Always keep in mind to continue learning for your benefit and for the Great Ardyss Family of which you are a Key Factor.